This is the Face of “I’m Really Doing It”

It was hard to pick one image from the stack from this event. It’s not everyday you start your first album. And how do you capture that in an image, for the one who it matters to most?

The first day in the studio on pre-production of your first album is more exciting than Adam and Eve realizing they fit together. Fuck evolution, this is my record… nothing else matters.

I really never understood capturing human emotion on film (or digital), until I found the joy musicians have when they express themselves in song, or just being themselves. This is happiness. This is life in it’s true form. As a closet musician, I get it. What’s more important, is that in this situation, I get it enough to capture the moment. This image is a musician (in this case my girl), listening to playback on what she just played from her heart and soul (on only a scratch track) for what will ultimately become a produced track on her first album. She gets 4 minutes in time. This moment will never happen again. Not to be melodramatic, but it won’t. The 5-year-old’s view of it has come and gone; she is now 6, and things are different now. This moment lives forever as a one-time chance for starting something new, and now life will never be the same.

Full set:!/album.php?aid=165849&id=365580488338&ref=mf

Whitney, I love you. I’m so glad we are in this together.



5 comments on “This is the Face of “I’m Really Doing It””

  1. you not only captured the moment with this shot, but the words that followed. incredibly insightful, intimate. i treasure this process as if it were my own!

  2. Thanks Ash. You’re quite the writer yourself. I feel like it’s only those rare moments when I have it in me to write like this, but I’m working on getting it out there more. I really love documenting Whitney’s music career, and more and more the music careers of others. When Whitney makes it big, the documentary will be half written, and all the images you could ever imagine to accompany will just fall into place…

  3. wow! Niall & Whit – you both are something else!!! xoxooo

  4. thanks ziva! u r something else 2 🙂

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