Sunrise in the Foundry Apse

Sunrise, Arcosanti, AZ. What an experience. If you have the opportunity to visit, take it.

I woke up before the sun one morning to see it grace the urban laboratory that is Arcosanti. It’s like taking a step into life as a true community. Take the tour, and make sure you spend the extra $20 bucks to stay the night in the rustic accommodation. You’ll learn a lot about Arcology, “Paolo Soleri’s concept of cities which embody the fusion of architecture with ecology.” I only spent 24 hours there, but I left feeling like part of the whole thing.

To help support the project, Soleri began producing ceramic and bronze wind bells. They’re all simply amazing, and no two are alike. The grounds of the site has them hanging everywhere, and when the desert winds crawl through the land, you’re constantly calmed by the soft soothing sounds they emanate. Two Soleri bells came home with me to our apt, and on breezy days I’m taken back to time when I sat on top of the Foundry Apse and watched the sunset over the desert in AZ.

Happy day by the way 😉



4 comments on “Sunrise in the Foundry Apse”

  1. Lovely photo, and a wonderful post.

    I agree, anyone who finds themselves in Phoenix should drive an hour north and spend some time at Arcosanti. It’s an eye opening experience, especially if you’re interested in architecture or urban design.

  2. […] Sunrise in the Foundry Apse April 2010 2 comments 3 […]

  3. […] Sunrise in the Foundry Apse April 2010 2 comments 3 […]

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